MRC Lagoon Castaway Camp

Explore Natural Resources

Discover mangroves, oysters, fish and water quality.

Spend the week marooned in the Lost Lagoon! Campers will explore the Indian River Lagoon with the assistance of local guides and research biologists who helped them escape their sinking ship.

They will learn how to navigate the scattered spoil islands of the Lagoon and identify materials for building camp.

They will encounter the local Native Americans, the Ais Indians, and settlers who will share recipes and teach the explorers how to eat from the Lagoon’s bountiful harvest. They will encounter treacherous pirates who may be friend or foe. Mermaids may even be spotted on this lost adventure. We never know what to expect when trekking through the Lost Lagoon!

Campers will spend the last days of their journey designing remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROVs) to make their great escape back home. Campers will learn valuable STEM skills as they work on restoration activities, collect data and do analysis, design and build submersibles, and learn about our area’s natural history while having fun!

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Regular Registration: $275

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Encounter Native Foods

To survive campers will learn to identify safe foods to eat

Campers will learn to identify edible native plants which will be vital for survival. Local pioneers will share recipes and teach campers how to use the resources around them for sustenance. Campers will learn how to successfully build oyster reefs for food and to help filter the Lagoon water. Campers may encounter local Native American tribes and bands of lively pirates, and perhaps the elusive and mystical mermaids of the Lagoon If you keep your eyes open, you may be surprised by what you see!

MRC’s Lagoon Castaway Camp
June 5–9, 2017
Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
MRC’s Ted Moorhead Lagoon House
3275 Dixie Highway NE, Palm Bay, Florida

For Middle School Students (Ages 10–15)

Early Bird Registration: $245
Regular Registration: $275

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Tentative Schedule

We’ve Been Marooned!
Tribe Assemble
Evaluate Surroundings
Where Are We?

Friend or Foe: North Atlantic Right Whales
Shelter: Mangroves
Food: Edible Native Plants

Boat Day:
Lagoon Watch, Clean Up, Fishing
Resources: Oysters

Meet the Ais
Pirate Pizza Party

Making Our Escape: ROVs

Our Partners

Florida Public Archaeology Network Florida Bat Conservancy Florida Native Plant Society Conradina Chapter

Keep Brevard Beautiful PVC ROV Restore Our Shores

Without the help of our partners, camp wouldn’t be the same. Our community depends on the cooperation and collaboration of all our local businesses and non-profits to inspire and educate our locals about the natural resources they have right in their back yards. It’s a big job, and we accomplish so much more when we all work together.

Future Generations

If we do not teach our children about the Indian River Lagoon there is no hope for saving it. To save the Indian River Lagoon, we must all LOVE OUR LAGOON. If we don’t teach our families about the Lagoon they will never understand it and we need them to understand it so they can love it and conserve it. Do your part — teach today’s youth so tomorrow’s have an opportunity to LOVE OUR LAGOON.

Early Bird Registration: $245
Regular Registration: $275

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